Our Technology
Leader in the field of LASIK refractive surgery and Advanced Technique Custom Cataract Surgery, our staff doctor is one of Birmingham's best.

The Most Advanced Allegretto and Zeimer Lasers

We are one of the few practices in Alabama to exclusively offer the most advanced and fastest lasers on the market. We use the Allegretto 400Hz laser and Zeimer laser. Not all lasers are created equal and this is often reflected in Visual Outcomes and Bargain prices. You can be certain, that at Ophthalmology Associates, you are getting one of Alabama's most experienced surgeons and the newest lasers to ensure the best visual outcome for your eyes. Your eyes are too important to setttle on old technology lasers or discount LASIK centers. Get out of glasses and contact lenses and experience High-Definition Vision today!

Unlike some LASIK providers, Dr. Smith only offers ALL Custom, ALL Laser, Allegretto LASIK to his patients. Dr. Smith has performed LASIK on other lasers and has found, in his hands, the Allegretto laser to be the hands down best laser with the best visual outcomes. We do not offer discount lasers and we only offer all inclusive LASIK, with no hidden fees, or up charges. We offer the very best, and your eyes deserve nothing less.